CPT code E0747, E0748 with KF modifer

Osteogenesis Stimulators

E0747, E0748 and E0760 are Class III Devices that must be submitted with a KF modifier. The KF modifier indicates a FDA Class III Device.

Surgical Dressings

Modifiers A1 through A9 are used with surgical dressings to indicate the number of wounds. If modifier A9 (dressing for nine or more wounds) is used, information must be submitted in Item 19 on a paper claim, or the electronic equivalent, indicating the number of wounds.

Modifiers AU (item furnished in conjunction with a urological, ostomy or tracheostomy supply), AV (item furnished in conjunction with a prosthetic or orthotic device) and AW (item furnished in conjunction with a surgical dressing) are used when billing codes for tape, A4450 and A4452.

KO, KP, KQ Modifiers

KO Single drug unit dose formulation.
KP First drug of a multiple drug unit dose formulation.
KQ Second or subsequent drug of a multiple drug unit dose formulation.

When there is a single drug in a unit dose container, the KO modifier is added to the unit form code. When two or more drugs are combined and dispensed to the patient in the same unit dose container (except for code J7620, Albuterol, up to 2.5 mg and Ipratropium Bromide, up to 0.5 mg, non-compounded inhalation solution), each of the drugs is billed using its unit dose form code. The KP modifier is added to only one of the unit dose form codes and the KQ modifier is added to the other unit dose code(s). See the Nebulizer policy article for additional information.

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